Enersol specializes in assisting renewable energy integrators. Working with enersols experienced team will ensure a mutually benificial relationship furthering Hwaii's energy initiative.

Turnkey Projects

Enersol has the capability to take your qualified lead through the sale to an operational system turnover with the client. As a one-stop shop you can be certain that experienced professionals will see that the most efficient process to-date is followed and nothing slips through the cracks.

Pre-sale documents, design, permitting and utility submittals, pre-production, construction, testing, inspections and project closeout are no longer your responsibility. Established relationships and furthering education give piece-of-mind that lessons learned will be applied to your investment.

Design & Drafting

Enersol’s knowledgeable professionals offer a wide range of Drafting and Design Services. Enersol helps you put everything in place to get a building permit for your Photovoltaic, Wind, Energy Efficiency, and General Construction projects. Enersol’s background , both as designers and builders can offer you insights and advice to help you properly design your project. We have over a decade of experience in Hawaii and know what does and doesn’t work here. Enersol can help you with site development and planning, zoning and county regulations, engineering, and any of the hurdles you’ll encounter in planning for your energy project. Enersol has the ability to get your project stamped by Electrical, Structural, and Civil engineers when required for permitting.

Professional Engineering

Behind every great construction project there is detailed process of design and engineering. Enersol has well-rounded experience in design to ensure your project follow industry standards and include exactly what the building department is requiring.

Enersol’s founder’s come from the Architectural, Civil, Electrical, and Renewable design fields. To date Enersol’s founders have experience with over $150 million in renewable energy projects in Hawaii. Worked with the building departments on a Oahu, Big Island, Maui, and Kauai. So works with HECO, HELCO, MECO, and KIUC.

Enersol can offer a full lineup of engineering services from design through commissioning. This includes civil engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, and electrical commissioning.

Project Funding

For any renewable energy projects to be viable, it requires funding. This funding can come from many different avenues. The most common are personal capital, power purchase agreements, leases, and equity loans. Enersol can help you determine which funding is most appropriate for your project, and help facilitate you in acquiring your chosen funding source.

Local Utility Support

Enersol has a great deal of knowledge working with all the local Hawaii utilities. With such a good personal & Working relationship with these utilities we can help you expedite your project and address any obstacles before they appear.

3rd Party Verification

Third Party Verification adds an important element of proof to energy projects. For example, in a just-completed experimental study of consumer reactions to electronic contracts, over 80% of respondents agreed that a transaction was harder to dispute because the verification was made and held by an independent third party. This “added proof” ensures your project will be deemed “Ready to supply electricity”. Even when the utilities cant meet your timeline, we can ensure you are given credit by your projects final date.

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