Enersol offers many services for you the energy consumer. From Large Corporations looking to save money to homeowners looking to provide a greener energy solution, Enersol is available to help.

Energy Audits & Efficiency Analysis

Enersol holds a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certificate to corroborate our experience and knowledge of industry standards in the energy management field. This certification was awarded to Enersol to recognize our level of competency for energy management. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Office of Federal Energy Management Programs (FEMP), and U.S. Agency recognize the certification for International Development, as well as numerous state energy offices, major utilities, corporations and energy service companies.

Along with the CEM certification, Enersol also has the ability to ENERGY STAR certify commercial businesses as well as residential homes. When you starting thinking less about renewable energy and start thinking more about energy efficiency Energy Star is a clear choice.

Lighting Solutions

Enersol installs several different types of lighting from low-voltage high-efficiency defused lights to high-powered LED floodlights. Designing any system custom to your needs, focusing on dramatic lighting displays.

Low-voltage lighting consumes roughly 1/3 of the electricity than high-voltage lighting arrangements and is less expensive to install. Enersol offers many different types of lights as well as styles to meet your individual wants/needs as well as your budget.

Renewable Quoting

When it comes to renewable energy in Hawaii solar is on the leading edge. Enersol works will all local major installers to make sure the system that is proposed to you fits your needs and your budget.

In addition to solar in Hawaii there are many other renewable energy sources at our fingertips from wind to geo-thermal. In some cases these options are more efficent for you depending on you location and demand. Enersol can help assess the best options for you to choose from. utimatly even if solar isnt an option everyone should be able to benifit from the abundence that are renewables in Hawaii.

Project Oversight

Enersol knows how important your renewable energy project is to you. That is why we offer project oversight, in many cases you are too busy or unable to review all aspects of your project to ensure you are getting everything that was prommised. With our project oversight service we will provide detailed records and reports of all aspects of your project and will ensure the installation is done to the best practicies statndard.

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